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Hedge Talks 2022

Don't miss our free online talks celebrating the 2nd National Hedgerow Week

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Hedgetalks is a series of webinars celebrating all that our unsung hedgerow heroes do for us and the environment. We have collected some of the brightest minds in the world of hedges to speak about everything from folklore to planting, birdsongs to hedge books – there’s something for everyone!

You can watch the recordings from 2021 here.

Hedge Makers - planting and nurturing the healthy hedgerows of the future

Hedgerows are wonderful! They are essential habitats and connecting corridors for our precious native wildlife, they help climate change and air quality by absorbing carbon and air pollution, they help soil health by reducing soil loss from wind and rain, they slow the flow of water in our landscape helping with flooding, they cool temperatures in city streets and they look, sound and smell jolly good too, bringing birdsong, blossoms and greenery to our lives

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Heavenly Hedges: foraging for fantastic food and tasty tipples

Hedgerows provide food for so many of our most loved animals, from butterflies to bees, robins to redwing. They have also traditionally fed us! Join foraging expert David Winnard from Discover the Wild and learn all about what you can (and can’t!) eat on our heavenly hedges throughout the year.

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The Cycle of Life: managing hedgerows, the UK's green veins

In this session, one of our national treasures when it comes to hedgerows will explain the hedgerow lifecycle from planting to hedge laying to trimming. Nigel is an award-winning hedge layer and he’ll introduce us to the traditional craft of laying hedges and how modern day hedgerows can be managed for wildlife and people.

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Become Hedgerow Detectives: using hedgerows for curriculum learning and exploring for children.

Become a Hedgerow Detective and explore the wonderful world hidden within the hedgerows of your school and community. For teachers and young people, hedgerows can be a stimulating resource for learning about science and nature in an accessible way – sometimes right in your school grounds or a nearby park! This is a school-focused webinar for teachers to join in a live lesson (or watch later) with their pupils age range seven to eleven and uses resources developed for the science national curriculum.

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Bedtime Story for Little Hedge Lovers

If your little hedglings enjoy CBEEBies bedtime story (or Jackanory for older viewers!) , they’ll love snuggling down for an enchanting bedtime story with a hedgerow theme read by our hedgerow loving author, Elena Mannion.

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Easy Treesy Beginners Guide to Trees, Shrubs and Climbers in Hedgerows

Ever wondered what those bright red berries are in winter, the frothy white blossom in spring, the fluffy hairy climbers or the heady scent when you pass a local hedgerow? Then join our very own Tree Council ‘Green Man’, Jon Stokes for a beginners guide to identifying some of the common species you’ll find in a hedgerow at different times of year, and some of the interesting features that make each one special!

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Feathers and Fur - hedgerows as homes for dormice and birds

Healthy hedgerows are a crucial habitat for dwindling dormice populations in the UK and for many of our bird species in town and countryside. Join dormouse expert Ian White to learn why hedgerows are so important for these adorable mammals and how we can manage our hedgerows better for them to thrive. Taking to the air, Lucy Lapwing will introduce us to the birds we might see and hear in our urban and rural hedgerows and what we can do to help make our farm or garden hedgerows their ideal homes. Can you recognise any of their songs?!

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