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Monday 6 May to Sunday 12 May 2024

Celebrate connecting hedgerows

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Hedgerows need our help

Hedgerows are the often-unsung heroes of the British countryside, yet they form the UK’s largest wildlife habitat, are a major part of our landscape and cultural heritage, and are crucial to halting biodiversity decline and tackling climate change.

National Hedgerow Week 2024: Connectivity

Hedgerows are amazing, and they are even more amazing when connected with other hedgerows! Our British landscape is shaped by thousands of miles of hedge; providing wildlife with a sheltered and bountiful highway network; protecting agriculture, whether livestock or crops; creating living boundaries in our towns and cities; and bringing greenery, capturing carbon, and delivering more than a little beauty to our rail lines and roadsides.

Hedges are home to roughly 80% of our woodland birds

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Hedge Talks is a series of webinars celebrating all that our unsung hedgerow heroes do for us and the environment. We have collected some of the brightest minds in the world of hedges to speak about everything hedgerow!

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Hedgerow Trees

This year, we are also thinking about the mighty hedgerow tree – our research suggests the population is getting older, while the spectre of ash dieback looms large. But they are another crucial part of our landscape heritage; so next time you think hedgerow, think hedgerow tree as well!

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Bring hedgerow joy to little ones

We’ve teamed up with the Green Libraries Network to showcase special hedgerow themed displays for children. Visit your local library and see if they have a display, and if not, why not suggest they start one? We have a bunch of beautiful resources to download below!


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Keep an eye on hedgerow health

National Hedgerow Week coincides with National Plant Health Week – how perfect!

We all need to do our bit to support hedgerow health, and sometimes that just involves knowing what to look for, and then letting others know! Observatree hosts lots of handy guides and if you do discover any pests and diseases, report them using Forest Research’s Tree Alert.

Help hedges

Our friends at PTES administer the very important Great British Hedgerow Survey. It’s super simple to get involved and your contribution could make a real difference to our understanding of hedgerow health, and the laws needed to help them thrive!

Find #MyFaveHedge and tell everyone!

Found a favourite hedge? It could be a magnificent, ancient, perfectly laid, tall, long and broad rural specimen or that cherished hedge that brightens up the car park at the nearby shops. Give it some love! Take a pic and post on your socials, using #MyFaveHedge. We’ll share the best!


One lucky hedgerow fan will win a beautiful hedge-themed book bundle. To win, simply tell us the theme of this year’s National Hedgerow Week – hedgerow diversity, hedgerow health or hedgerow connectivity.

The competition is now closed!

I Love This Hedge

Share your support this National Hedgerow Week with our ‘I love this hedge’ badge! Follow the link below to download your badge and wear it with pride. Apply it to your social media profile photos or print it out and share it wherever you like!


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