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17th - 25th September

Celebrate hedgerows with us this autumn.

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Hedgerows are hidden heroes nestled within our towns, cities and countryside. They absorb carbon and air pollution, provide wildlife habitats and make us feel better with their lush greenery.

Hedges are home to roughly 80% of our woodland birds

But to get everyone passionate about hedgerows, we need people to notice these leafy lovelies growing right under our noses.

So during the first National Hedgerow Week, which took place in 2021, we called on people to get curious about their local hedges, and asked them to #TalkToTheHedge with our fun and informative guide to chatting to hedges.

You can download the guide here.

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Support hedges.

If you can’t plant hedgerows yourself, let us do it for you by making a donation to The Tree Council’s ‘Pledge a Hedge’ campaign and help us champion hedgerows into the future. Donate £15 and you’ll be helping us to plant 1metre of fantastic hedgerow.

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Since 1945 the UK has lost 50% of its hedges