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HedgeTalks 2021

Talk to the Hedge: our webinars celebrating the first National Hedgerow Week

Hedge Talks is a series of free webinars spreading the word about all that our unsung hedgerow heroes do for us and the environment. We collected some of the brightest minds in the world of hedges to speak about everything from insects to hedgelaying, birdsongs to hedge books – there’s something for everyone!

Catch up on the recordings by clicking the links below.

An introduction to the dynamic world of hedgerows

An introduction to hedgerows to kick off our first National Hedgerow Week! Megan will introduce us to why we have hedgerows in the first place, what we mean by hedgerows and why it matters, how hedgerows benefit a range of our favourite animals and how we humans benefit from them too!


Connecting children to nature through lovely stories

Children’s books can connect young readers to nature and hedgerows. Touching on story, illustration and imagination, this webinar will explore the process of creating ‘The Happy Hedgerow’, the poignant tale of a hedgerow under threat …. Will the field ever become a happy home for wildlife again?


Buzzy beasts, crawly creepers and nectar sippers of the hedgerows

Everything you need to know about insects and hedgerows, including why hedgerows are so important for pollinators, how they help agriculture, and how you can care for your hedgerows in a way that protects insects and other pollinators.


Hedgerows, homes and us – what hedgerows do for you and what you can do for them!

Hedgerows are the hidden heroes of our towns and cities. They clean pollution from the air we breathe, capture carbon, provide a home for wildlife and pollinating insects, and improve our well being. This webinar explores what research is telling us about hedgerows’ roles in daily life, as well as how to best care for them.


From billhooks to bumble bees - the management lifecycle of a hedge

In this session,  Nigel Adams, a national treasure when it comes to hedgerows will cover the wonderful skill of hedgelaying and how modern day hedgerows can best be managed.


Hedgerow harmonies - discussing the birds that find their home in hedgerows

Hedgerows have a soundscape all of their own – from dawn chorus birdsong to the scurrying and scuffling sounds of nocturnal mammals. In this session we’ll focus on our feathered musicians and cover some of the common and less commons birds you might hear around hedgerows if we listen out for them.


Higgledy-piggledy happiness – hedgerow plants and what they can teach humanity

From feisty ‘lords and ladies’ to the mischievous nettle, Jonathon Drori CBE discusses how our hedgerow plants are a cause for celebration and delight but also have much to teach humanity, if only we would listen.