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About Us

Hedgelink is the partnership that brings everyone interested in hedgerows together, to share knowledge and ideas, to encourage and inspire, and to work with farmers and other land managers to conserve and enhance our hedgerow heritage.

Our aims

To have a healthy future, hedgerows across the United Kingdom need the support of many people and organisations, from farmers and planners to environmentalists and local communities. Hedgelink aims to support all these people and organisations, and to make it easier for them to work together.

As a partnership, we want to help and support all those with an interest in hedgerows to find out more about them, to share information, knowledge and ideas, and to manage them well.

Through providing advice, we hope to inspire and enthuse people to take action to protect and conserve our hedgerows for the future.

Through those among our members who work in national and local government, we will influence policy and public expenditure to secure our hedgerow heritage for the future, seeking to ensure that available resources are directed to issues and to places where they will do most good.

We have set ourselves a big task, but from small beginnings we hope Hedgelink will grow in capacity and influence, drawing strength from the huge interest that exists across so many people and walks of life for our rich hedgerow heritage.

Our remit

Hedgelink covers the farming, wildlife, landscape, historical and cultural importance of hedgerows. As a partnership of many organisations with varied interests, we believe it is important that these should all be considered when giving advice about hedgerows, and influencing decisions about their future.

In short, we are interested in the agricultural and heritage value of hedgerows, and the enjoyment and inspiration they give to people, alongside their environmental importance.

We cannot help fund or undertake particular hedge management works, but can direct you to those who may be able to help here. Nor can we fund research, but we can help identify priorities and sources of funding, and provide expertise. Member organisations have direct involvement in both these subjects.

Our current priorities

Hedgelink has a particular responsibility for helping to deliver the Habitat Action Plan for hedgerows that forms part of the UK’s Hedgerow Biodiversity Action Plan. Our parent body is the Steering Group for that Hedgerow Action Plan.

The targets within that plan are challenging, and require concerted action from many people and organisations if they are to be achieved. In particular we need the support and interest of farmers and other land managers.

The plan also requires the support and involvement of local communities. We intend to work with them, helping to build good links between communities and farmers.

Working with farmers

We fully understand that the active and willing participation of farmers and other land managers is essential to the future of the UK’s hedgerows, and welcome this. We want to work with farmers, and for them.

Our intention is to draw on the considerable skills and knowledge that farmers have, and in turn to provide them with advice and support that is practical and feasible.

We want to promote better understanding about hedgerows and their management between local communities and farmers, to find common ground and build on it.

We will not encourage the public to visit farmland or other private land except with the agreement of the owners and managers.

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