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Hedge Talks 2024

Don't miss our free online talks celebrating connecting hedgerows this National Hedgerow Week

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Hedge Talks is a series of webinars celebrating all that our unsung hedgerow heroes do for us and the environment. We have collected some of the brightest minds in the world of hedges to speak about everything hedgerow!

Joining the Dots: A Future for our Hedgerow Trees

Tuesday 7 May, 1-2pm

Join The Tree Council’s Jon Stokes and Will Fitzpatrick for a special hedgerow tree themed Hedge Talk. Hedgerow trees are one of Britain’s ecological treasures – but Will’s research suggests the population is ageing, with precious few young ones filling the gaps they leave behind.

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My Hedge and Me: Frontline Perspectives on Hedgerow Management

Wednesday 8 May, 7-8pm

Meet Lucy Mason, Nic Rennison and James Robinson: all managing, maintaining – and planting – hedgerows. What are the challenges? How does policy play out in real life, and what inspires them to do their best for their hedges? Join The Tree Council’s Annie Heslop in conversation with three 21st century hedgerow heroes.

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United for Hedge Health: Spotlight on Hawthorn and Box

Friday 10 May, 1-2pm

Join experts Lenka Cooke and Katie Smirnova for a special focus on threats facing common hedging plants, and why collective action is essential. Hosted by The Tree Council’s Jess Allan; Katie, from Hedgerows Ireland, will discuss the origins and symptoms of fireblight; while Lenka, Gardening Advisor from the Royal Horticultural Society, will share insights from RHS research into garden-ready evergreen box alternatives.

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