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The Tree Grower’s Guide

A beginner’s guide to identifying and growing trees from seed, and starting a Community Tree Nursery


This readable, practical and beautifully illustrated book is written by a partnership of tree growing experts. We guide the reader through the essentials step-by-step in identifying, gathering and growing UK trees from seeds – whether in few pots on a balcony to setting up a community tree nursery to growing a whole woodland or new hedgerow! The Tree Grower’s Guide is complemented by a range of free online resources including videos, practical guidance and top tips to help total beginners and more experienced growers successfully gather seeds and grow healthy young trees. Visit:

Publisher: The Tree Council, Moor Trees, Norfolk County Council, Cornwall Council

Informational learning

Suitable for:

suitable for Children, schools, families
suitable for General public, gardeners, ramblers, armchair-enthusiasts etc
suitable for Professional interest in hedge management or surveying


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Format: Guide

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-904853-19-3