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Sequestering carbon by planting hedgerows – flyer

Research Summary


This short flyer outlines the University of Leeds' recent work understanding carbon sequestration abilities of hedgerows.


Carbon (C) sequestration by vegetation and soil is an essential part of addressing climate change and achieving net-zero commitments. In the UK, the Climate Change Committee has proposed that extending hedgerows by 40% will help reaching net-zero carbon by 2050. In England’s arable and grassland landscapes, this would require the planting of ~193,000 km of new hedgerows, which equates to about half the length of the UK’s road network. More recently, DEFRA has announced its goal of planting 72,500 km of hedges throughout the country by 2050.

Author(s): Chapman, P. J., Biffi, S.

Publisher: The University of Leeds

Journal: University of Leeds

Not linked to qualification

Suitable for:

not suitable for Children, schools, families
suitable for General public, gardeners, ramblers, armchair-enthusiasts etc
suitable for Professional interest in hedge management or surveying


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Format: pdf

Year: 2023

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