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Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change in the UK: A Report by the British Ecological Society


A review of the role of nature-based solutions for addressing the climate and biodiversity crises we currently face in the UK


When thinking of NbS, tree cover and woodland restoration tends the get the limelight, but, importantly, this report shows how an NbS approach can apply to a wide variety of ecosystems ranging from high peatlands to grasslands, heathlands and agricultural and urban environments, through to freshwater, coastal and marine systems. It also highlights that it is important not to focus on carbon sequestration as the only goal, as this can result in negative biodiversity outcomes such as monoculture plantations, or tree planting on species-rich natural grasslands or heathlands

Author(s): R. Stafford, B.Chamberlain, L.Clavey, P.K.Gillingham

Publisher: British Ecological Society

Platform: British Ecological Society

Not linked to qualification
Informational learning

Suitable for:

not suitable for Children, schools, families
not suitable for General public, gardeners, ramblers, armchair-enthusiasts etc
suitable for Professional interest in hedge management or surveying


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Format: pdf

Year: 2021

Pages: 191