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A Hedgerow Through the Seasons

Hedgerows are precious habitats made up of native trees, shrubs, and flowers. They form a network of wildlife corridors across our landscape, providing food and shelter for insects, birds, and mammals.


A beautifully illustrated resource for Biodiversity Data Centre's All-Ireland Pollinator Plan showing which hedgerow plants flower in each season, and what animals benefit from the food or shelter provided by them. Illustrated species (in watercolour and pencil) include Blackthorn, Wild Cherry, Crab Apple, Hawthorn/Whitethorn, Pipistrelle bat, Elder, Speckled Wood Butterfly, Guelder Rose, Spindle, Holly, Yellowhammer, Bramble/Blackberry, Dog-rose, Honeysuckle, Hedgehog, Magpie moth, Ivy, Ivy Bee, Redwing, Fieldfare, Clarke’s Mining Bee, Willow, and Early Bumblebee.

Publisher: National Biodiversity Data Centre

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Suitable for:

suitable for Children, schools, families
suitable for General public, gardeners, ramblers, armchair-enthusiasts etc
suitable for Professional interest in hedge management or surveying


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