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Woodland, cropland and hedgerows promote pollinator abundance in intensive grassland landscapes, with saturating benefits of flower cover

Journal of Applied Ecology


1. Pollinating insects provide economic value by improving crop yield. They are also functionally and culturally important across ecosystems outside of cropland. To understand landscape-level drivers of pollinator declines, and guide policy and intervention to reverse declines, studies must cover (a) multiple insect and plant taxa and (b) a range of agricultural and semi-natural land uses. Furthermore, in an era of woodland restoration initiatives and rewilding ideologies, the contribution of woodland and woody linear features (WLFs; e.g. hedgerows) to pollinator abun

Author(s): Alison, J; Botham, M; Maskell, LC; Garbutt, A; Seaton, FM; Skates, J; Smart, SM; Thomas, ARC; Tordoff, G; Williams, BL; Wood, CM; Emmett, BA

Journal: Journal of Applied Ecology

Year: 2021


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