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Understanding the combined biodiversity benefits of the component features of hedges

Defra project BD5214


This report increases our understanding of the role hedges play in supporting biodiversity. It presents information on the importance of managing all hedge components optimally for biodiversity and the inter-relationship of the five structural components of hedges (trees, shrubs, hedge base, field margin and ditches).The focus is on priority specieslisted in Section 41/42 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006) and equivalent legislation in other UK countries (i.e.formerBAP species), together with species listed as Biodiversity 2020 Farmland Indicators.A total of 107 such species were identified (excluding widespread moths).

Author(s): Wolton, R, Morris, R, Pollard, K, Dover, J

Journal: Defra project BD5214

Year: 2013


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