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Trees, water storage and flooding in upland agricultural landscapes: why do we need to know more?. Forestry & Timber News April 2016(pp. 27-28).

Forestry & Timber News


Trees and flooding: it’s obvious isn’t it?The potential use of trees to mitigate floods has been recognised for over 100 years1, but has come to the fore in recent months following the extreme rainfall and associated flooding across the north of England and parts of Wales, during December 2015. It is increasingly acknowledged that hard-engineered flood barriers have largely reached their capacity to cope with the volume of water reaching the lowlands, so attention is switching to more natural methods of flood mitigation across the whole river catchment.

Author(s): Healey, J, Smith, A, Pagella, T, Ford, H

Journal: Forestry & Timber News

Year: 2016


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