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The effects of shelter on the distribution of insect pests

Scientific Horticulture, 17, 74-84


Shelter belts, hedges and uncultivated land influence the whole ecology of adjacent crops in a complex way most conveniently dealt with in two stages. First, how shelter affects initial infestation as insects move in from other plants or overwintering sites; secondly, how it affects the subsequent development of infestation by influencing the host plants, providing niches for predators and parasites or changing the microclimate. Other relationships between uncultivated land and crop infestation, which are not especially associated with shelter, are reviewed elsewhere (van Emden, 1965). Shelter often concentrates pests, leading to serious local damage; but unfortunately most observations on its effects are descriptive and usually subsidiary to other work, particularly to that on aphid distribution and virus spread. Systematic investigation on shelter effects is urgently needed and might lead to a more precise determination of crop damage and to improved control. This review therefore also discusses economic aspects of shelter.

Author(s): Lewis, T

Journal: Scientific Horticulture, 17, 74-84

Year: 1965


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