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Review of Impacts of Rural Land Use and Management on Flood Generation.

Defra and Environment Agency Impact Study Report, R&D Technical Report FD2114/TR


Background: A review of the impacts of land use and management on flood generation has been carried out by a team drawn from the disciplines of agriculture, soil science, hydrology, hydrogeology and socio-economic science. The findings are reported here in the form of an Impact Study Report. Research requirements identified through the review are presented in a companion report (the Research Plan). The reporting for Project FD2114 is completed by two reports on a Short-term Method for predicting impacts, to be used in the preparation of Catchment Flood Management Plans (CFMPs). This report is addressed primarily to those engaged in research, policy-making or practice in the field of Flood Defence. It assumes the reader has a good understanding of hydrological processes, the hydrological functioning of catchments, catchment modelling and flood estimation methods. Objective: To review the factors contributing to runoff and flooding in the rural (managed, not natural) environment, and to scope out the research needed to improve the identification of the management policies and interventions to reduce the impact of flooding.

Author(s): O’Connell, PE, Beven, KJ, Carney, JN, Clements, RO, Ewen, J, Fowler, H, Harris, GL, Hollis, J, Morris, J, O’Donnell, GM, Packman, JC, Parkin, A, Quinn, PF, Rose, SC, Shepherd, M, Tellier, S

Journal: Defra and Environment Agency Impact Study Report, R&D Technical Report FD2114/TR

Year: 2004


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