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Restoration of Herbaceous Hedgerow Flora: Review and Analysis of Ecological Factors and Restoration Techniques. Phase 1.

Defra project BD5301


Hedgerows define the landscape character of much of the UK, and provide important habitats for a wide range of native plant and animal species. A significant element is the herbaceous flora which grows alongside and under the hedge itself and its condition is a UK Biodiversity Indicator for achieving European and UN biodiversity targets. However, there has been a decline in species diversity over the last 20 years, probably a consequence of close cultivation, fertiliser, pesticides, intensive grazing or lack of management. The Hedgerow Habitat Action Plan includes targets to halt and reverse this decline. Restoration of hedgerow herbaceous flora is challenging, given the complexity of hedgerow habitats and the limited amount of research work done to date. This project aims to improve understanding of the ecological characteristics of this vegetation and potential management techniques.

Author(s): Critchley, CNR, Wilson, LA, Mole, AC, Astbury, SS, Bhogal, A

Journal: Defra project BD5301

Year: 2010


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