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Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change in the UK: A Report by the British Ecological Society. Chapter 5 – Arable Systems

Report by the British Ecological Society


Arable land is under very active management and therefore it offers many opportunities to introduce nature-based solutions (NbS) that enhance natural capital. The UK is at a pivotal moment in the future design of our agricultural systems, as new agricultural policies will have to be designed outside the EU Common Agricultural Policy. Hedgerows are already a very important NbS in arable landscapes, with current estimated stocks of up to 100 tonnes of carbon per hectare (t.C/ha) in established hedge networks. Planting of hedges and hedgerow trees along with rejuvenation of hedges through placing them back in management cycles are a low trade-off option for addressing climate change and enhancing biodiversity in arable systems.

Author(s): Collins, C, Chamberlain, B, Dicks, L, Gathorne-Hardy, A, Morgan, G, Norton, L, Phelps, J, Randall, N, Rowntree, J

Journal: Report by the British Ecological Society

Year: 2021


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