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Multi-scale control of carabid assemblages in hedgerow network landscapes

The Ecology of Hedgerows and Field Margins (pp.145 - 162)


In this chapter, we present the relationships between hedgerow network landscapes and the spatio-temporal distribution of forest carabid beetles. These species may be split into three groups according to their adaptation to forest cover fragmentation. Corridor species may be found all over the network of hedgerows as long as hedgerows are of good quality and the hedgerow network dense enough. Green lanes are key features for these species. Landscape history plays a role for the distribution of forest carabid beetles, as these species may exhibit an extinction debt due to their low dispersal in dynamic landscapes.

Author(s): Baudry, J, Burel, F

Journal: The Ecology of Hedgerows and Field Margins (pp.145 - 162)

Year: 2019


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