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Measured light vehicle noise reduction by hedge

Applied Acoustics, Volume 78, Pages 19-27


The acoustical effects of hedges result from a combination of physical noise reduction and their influences on perception. This study investigates the physical noise reduction so as to enable estimation of its relative importance. Different in-situ methods have been used to measure noise shielding by hedges. These include a statistical pass-by experiment where the real insertion loss of a hedge could be measured, three controlled pass-by experiments using a reference microphone at close distance, and transmission loss measurements using a point source. Thick dense hedges are found to provide only a small total A-weighted light vehicle noise reduction at low speeds. Measured insertion losses range from 1.1dBA to 3.6dBA. The higher noise reductions are found to be associated with an increased ground effect.

Author(s): Van Renterghem, T, Attenborough, K, Maennel, M, Defrance, J, Horoshenkov, K, Kang, J, Bashir, I, Taherzadeh, S, Altreuther, B, Khan, A, Smyrnova, Y, Yang, H-S

Journal: Applied Acoustics, Volume 78, Pages 19-27

Year: 2014


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