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Hedgerow Management and Wildlife: A review of research on the effects of hedgerow management and adjacent land on biodiversity

Report to Defra


There is an extensive literature on hedgerows, much of which relates to wildlife. There are also reviews of various aspects of hedgerows, both general and specific, but until the first edition of this report was published (Barr et al. 1995) there had been no review which focused on the relationship between hedgerow management and wildlife. Osborn (1987) said “FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) advisers are asked many questions on hedgerow management and, in the majority of cases, the advice given is based on educated conjecture, rather than drawn from scientific research”. As Hooper (1992) points out, the earliest papers on hedges (1800-1845) were often concerned with the need to remove hedges (they were seen by some as being too plentiful and too big). Up to 1960, most papers were concerned with the agricultural impacts of hedgerows, and only in the mid-1960s did interest shift to their wildlife value. Much of this early work with a more ecological focus was undertaken by Moore, Davis, Pollard and Hooper at ITE Monks Wood.

Author(s): Barr, CJ, Britt, CP, Sparks, TH, Churchward, JM (eds)

Journal: Report to Defra

Year: 2000


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