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Hedgerow Management: A Study of Farmers’ and Contractors’ Attitudes

Defra project BD2103


The importance of hedgerows as a landscape feature and wildlife habitat is widely recognised. The conservation value of ancient and species-rich hedgerows was recognised by the inclusion of an action plan for this habitat in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (1995). The problem of hedgerow removal has been partly addressed in recent legislation (Hedgerows Regulations 1997), but bad management of hedgerows is a widespread problem that has not been adequately addressed. With the overall objective of improving our understanding of the attitudes of farmers and agricultural contractors to hedgerows and hedgerow management, a three stage project was undertaken in 1999/2000: Stage 1:Postal survey of farmers Stage 2:Postal survey of contractors Stage 3:Follow-up survey: on-farm interviews and hedgerow assessments

Author(s): Britt, C, Churchward, J, Shea, L, McMillan, S, Wilson, D

Journal: Defra project BD2103

Year: 2000


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