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Finding space to grow urban hedges as a natural air filter along pedestrian paths: a GIS-based investigation of a UK urban centre

Euro-Mediterranean Journal For Environmental Integration


Road vehicles are a significant source of air pollution in cities, with impacts on human health. Previous work has shown that hedges located between the road carriageway and pavement can help to mitigate the impact of vehicle emissions for pedestrians and residents. For continuous improvement of air quality around the city centre area, roadside hedges can be of value. This study has used UK government statistics to map the traffic emissions along major roads in an urban centre. Using appropriate geoprocessing techniques, suitable locations for planting roadside hedges have been identified along these roads. It is envisaged that planting suitable urban hedges at these locations can help further improve air quality.

Author(s): Irfan, M; Shah, H; Koj, A; Thomas, H

Journal: Euro-Mediterranean Journal For Environmental Integration

Year: 2018


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