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Establishing the ecological planning principles from empirical studies in agricultural environments of Taiwan

Landscape and Ecological Engineering


Studies have suggested that the heterogeneity and arrangement of landscape structures are influential to the faunal biodiversity of environments. How does the landscape structure in agricultural landscape arrangements improve the functions of the natural ecosystem? Previous research has uncovered a great amount of information on the relationships between landscape structure and wildlife; however, for landscape designers and planners, such information is site-specific and has limited utilization. Hence, this study aimed to organize and categorize the relationships between environments and biodiversity and transfer this information into design principles in agricultural landscapes. This study attempted to integrate aspects of previous research into a systematic framework. The current study searched literature between 2007 and 2016 from the following journals: Landscape Ecology, Landscape and Urban Planning, and Journal of Applied Ecology. In all, this study collected 58 empirical studies of agricultural environments similar to that of Taiwan and revealed the valuable relationship between wildlife and agricultural environments. The outcomes reviewed from the literature were categorized by semi-natural elements and divided into six sub-categories: forests, hedgerows, grasslands, flowers, water, and heterogeneity of the natural landscape. The landscape attributes that were frequently discussed included patch number, patch area, connectivity, species richness, edge area, distance from semi-natural elements, and complexity. The landscape attributes formed by these elements were organized into a table as a checklist for designers' convenience. The checklist will help landscape planners and designers to create agricultural landscapes with integral ecosystems.

Author(s): Wu, CC; Chang, CY

Journal: Landscape and Ecological Engineering

Year: 2020


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