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Effects of agricultural practices on the flora of hedgerows and woodland edges in southern Quebec

Canadian Journal of Plant Science


The structure and distribution of herbaceous species were examined in cultivated fields and in adjacent habitats in light of herbicide use and tillage. The diversity and vegetation cover of the herbaceous layer of hedgerows and woodland edges were lower on sites at which herbicides had been sprayed in recent years, probably due to herbicide drift during application on adjacent fields. Herbicide use and tillage had an impact on the species composition of the cultivated fields: there was a higher proportion of annual and introduced species in cultivated fields subjected to herbicide use and tillage than in fields that were not regularly treated or tilled. The species that were found only in non-crop habitats were primarily native and perennials, few of which were weed species, whereas a high proportion of the species found only in cultivated fields were annual and introduced species, several of which were considered weeds.

Author(s): Jobin, B; Boutin, C; DesGranges, JL

Journal: Canadian Journal of Plant Science

Year: 1997


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