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Case study 27. Investigating the Impacts of Upland Land Use Management on Flood Risk at Pontbren, Wales

The River Restoration Centre


The aim of this research project on the Pontbren catchment in north Wales (Photo 1 and Map 1) was to improve understanding of how changes in upland land management impact on flood risk at the catchment scale. Experimental plots were established to measure the effects of sheep grazing and treeplantingon soil structure and the generation of flood run-off. The data from these plots were used to derive parameter values and uncertainty bounds for a multi-scale modelling methodology. The model was applied to the headwater catchment to predict the impact of alternative land use practices on flood flows. Results showed that land management can have a major effect on run-off processes, providing scope fortargeted interventionsto significantly reduce flood risk in low permeability, upland landscapes at local scales.

Author(s): Nisbet, T

Journal: The River Restoration Centre

Year: 2008


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