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HedgeUcation learning and teaching resource

A Little Rough Round the Hedges Leaflet

A little rough guide around the hedges: a guide produced by the CPRE to celebrate hedgerows. The guide includes a handy hedgerow plant identifier to help you when you are out exploring the countryside.

Download Rough Round the Hedges leaflet (6.5MB PDF-file)

Hedgerow worksheet

The Devon Hedge Group, together with Devon County Council and Natural England, has produced a worksheet to enthuse and educate children about hedgerows. Although it focuses on Devon’s hedges, it is applicable to hedges throughout the country, particularly those set on banks. It addresses many topics in the National Curriculum and provides a useful teaching tool both in countryside and classroom.

Download Hedge-ucation leaflet (1MB PDF-file)

LEAF’s Virtual Farm Walk

A great opportunity to find out all about farming and the environment, includes a visit to the hedges on the virtual farm, with lots of other fascinating facts about farms and the animals and plants that live on them.

Aid for advisers

Hedgelink, whose member organisations include many advisers to farmers and other land managers, has produced a checklist of all those things that anyone giving advice on hedgerows should ideally know about.

You can use it to identify any gaps in your knowledge, and if you are developing a training course it will help to ensure that all relevant topics are covered. Links are given to sources of advice.

Download Sound Advice document (Word document – 78 KB).

Learning and teaching resource

This educational package has been designed to help children learn about hedgerows, and teachers to teach about them. It is aimed at children aged between 7 and 11, at Key Stage 2, and is closely linked to the primary curriculum.

Children, have a go at one of the three interactive learning games introduced by Doris the dormouse. You will find them great fun.

Teachers, the package contains full information on how to carry out a children’s hedgerow survey with many learning opportunities, as well as a range of activity sheets and helpful notes.

The package has been produced by Farming and Countryside Education for Hedgelink with expert help from partner members and teachers, and was funded by Defra, Natural England and the National Hedge Laying Society.

Go to the hedgerows homepage.

Hedge wall chart

The British Ecological Society, as part of their Developing School Grounds series, and in partnership with Hedgelink, has published an attractive wall chart which provides teachers and their students with an excellent introduction to the importance of hedges and their plant and animal inhabitants.

For more information, to download the wall chart or to request a free paper copy, visit the “British Ecological Society

Hedgerow Safari on organic farms

Schools and cub groups can now experience a Hedgerow Safari on organic farms around the country. Children will learn more about the importance of hedgerows and meet the some of the wildlife that lives and feeds in them – and have a huge amount of fun!

For more information, visit the Hedgerow Safari page on the Teach Organic website.

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