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Project by: The Tree Council

Life on the Hedge – hedgerow planting, restoration and awareness project

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Life on the Hedge programme

Our Life on the Hedge programme is helping the nation achieve bigger, healthier, better-connected hedgerows. We are doing this by: 

  • Gathering and sharing knowledge to improve hedgerow management through our Tree Warden Network and Hedgelink 
  • Improving supplies of future hedgerow trees through setting up community tree nurseries 
  • Engaging the public with the importance of our wonderful hedgerows through National Hedgerow Week! 

Our fantastic project partners include the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group, the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, the National Hedgelaying Society and Another Way.  

Running until March 2025, Life on the Hedge is: 

  1. Increasing the quantity of trees and hedgerows planted and managed across England through our Orchards for Schools and Branching Out funds and our work with FWAG. 
  1. Increasing the quality of hedgerows by training over 150 farmers and landowners to manage hedgerows better. This is being carried out by PTES and FWAG with support through Hedgelink. We are also promoting hedgelaying through training and events with the National Hedgelaying Society to boost capacity within the sector. 
  1. Engaging with and inspiring more young people to enter land-based careers by setting up 18 biosecurity focussed community tree nurseries with school groups. We are also delivering Green Careers Discovery Days with the Royal Parks Guild to showcase the amazing range of jobs within the green sector for aspiring workers. 
  1. Increasing awareness of hedgerows with the general public through three National Hedgerow Week campaigns. Across all our activities we are aiming to engage with over 1,500 volunteers and 750 schools through our very own schools programme, Tree Wardens and partnership work with Another Way. 


This project wouldn’t be possible without funding from DEFRA’s Trees Call To Action Fund, developed with the Forestry Commission and delivered by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. 


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