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UKCEH Creates Most Comprehensive Map of England’s Hedgerows to Date

Here’s what the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have to say:

“NEW! We’ve created the most comprehensive map of England’s hedgerows to date!

💡 390,000km of hedgerow on field boundaries

📏 Depicts hedgerow length and height (for the first time!)

🔎 Reveals areas with highest and lowest hedgerow densities  

Hedgerows have been a part of our rural landscape since the Bronze Age, marking boundaries and keeping in livestock. But they also support biodiversity and can capture and store large amounts of carbon as well providing other services including preventing soil loss.  

📉 However half of Britain’s hedgerows were lost between the 1940s and 1990s. Our map will aid targeted hedgerow planting and restoration efforts, linking up habitats and improving the hedgerow network.  

🔍 The map reveals that Cornwall has the highest hedgerow density in England. The lowest densities, excluding major urban areas, are in Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire  

UKCEH scientists took high-resolution LIDAR data collected by the Environment Agency and processed these through the JASMIN super-computer to create this ground breaking new map. Its development was funded by UK Research and Innovation’s AgZero+ programme.”

To read more check out the UKCEH’s press release here.