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The Hedgelife Help Out results are in!

With over 2,100 submissions, CPRE’s Hedgelife Help Out project (in collaboration with The Tree Council) proved to be a huge success. What’s more, a vast majority found it great for wellbeing and felt more connected to nature.

CPRE were delighted with the enthusiasm that so many people showed in their inaugural ‘Hedgelife Help Out’ project during May, as part of the wider Big Help Out initiative.

The project took the form of a straightforward ‘survey’ and asked people to go out and spend time near a hedgerow, reporting back what they saw, the wildlife they found, and how the experience made them feel.

The aim was to create an accessible citizen science project that not only gave insight into the state of hedgerows across the country, but also helped people connect with nature. You can view the top-line results here.