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Hedges for Wood Fuel

A new guide Wood Fuel from Hedges, the first for Britain, has been published by the The Devon Hedge Group on how to manage West Country hedges for fuel, including harvesting techniques and likely biomass yields. Both log and chip production are covered. The guide concludes that many farms, probably the majority, could heat at least their farmhouses from their hedges and save money in the process, while others will be able to generate an income through selling the wood to local communities.

The guide can be obtained from the Tamar Valley AONB, Tamar Valley Centre, Cemetery Road, Drakewalls, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9FE. 20pp, full colour. £5.00 + p&p.

To be used together with the guide, three documents have been designed to allow you to assess the biomass present in hedges on a farm, both individually and across the farm, in terms of weight, volume and energy content, for both woodchip and log production. These consist of Guidance Notes, Recording Form and Assessment Toolkit.

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Additional Information
Woodfuel from Hedges: A toolkit for communities