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Hedgerow Detectives: New resource for primary schools

Hedgerow Detective KS1 and KS2 lesson plans

CPRE, the countryside charity, has developed some fantastic resources to help primary schools students learn about hedgerows.

CPRE has created ‘Hedgerow detective’ lesson plans for Key Stage 1 and 2 children. During these lessons, they will learn about why hedgerows are important and how they help the environment. Pupils will also learn about the animals and plants that live in hedgerows. CPRE has developed teachers’ notes for both key stages, as well as fun worksheets for the children to complete. CPRE has developed these lesson plans in collaboration with Countryside Classroom.

How do these lesson plans relate to the curriculum?

The hedgerow resources link to a wide range of subjects. For example:

  • Science: looking at naming different plants, investigating their structure and needs to grow as well as touching on habitats and food chains/ webs.
  • History: by investigating how the local landscape has changed over time.
  • Geography: these lesson plans will enable your students to compare rural and urban landscapes – this activity is a fun way of introducing children to the rural aspect.
  • Design technology: the lesson plans will also help your students to design and build fencing or animal housing.
  • Maths: in the Key Stage 2 lesson plans, your students will gather and handle data and make calculations.
  • Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE): is covered in many ways by the Hedgerow Detective lesson plans, by encouraging children to care for animals and the environment

Visit the CPRE website for further information.