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Author: Tess

Celebrating 50 Years of National Tree Week

National Tree Week (25 November – 3 December) is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. Each year, the country’s conservation sector, volunteer groups and tree-lovers come together to plant thousands of trees to mark the start of the tree and hedge planting season.

This year’s National Tree Week is extra special as it marks the 50th anniversary of the famous ‘Plant a Tree in 73’ campaign – from which National Tree Week was born!

The Tree Council has curated a rich array of activities, engaging events, and enlightening Tree Talks waiting for your participation. For a glimpse into the offerings, pay a visit to their website.

Are you gearing up to contribute by planting a new hedge for this celebration? That’s fantastic news! Before you grab your whips and tools, make sure to explore the Hedge Hub for invaluable expert insights and guidance on planting and nurturing your new hedge.

Manage hedgerows? Your thoughts matter.

Do you manage hedgerows or work with those who do? If so, we want to hear from you! 

Your insights will help us shape materials that’ll enhance hedgerow management by farmers, landowners and land managers like you. We want to make sure the positive hedge message reaches the right people in the right format.

Share your expertise in our short survey.

It’ll only take 5-10 minutes of your time, and its live until November 30, 2023. The survey is being conducted by The Tree Council and partners, as part of the Life on the Hedge programme.

National Hedgelaying Championship – Saturday 28 October

Come and see a hundred of the best hedgelayers from around the country display their skills in the highest level of competition!

Hedgelaying differs around the country in the way that it is done and the National Championship has many of the different styles on show. It is a unique opportunity to see all these regional variations in one place and talk to experts in all of them.

9am to 5pm (Hedgelaying competition 9am to 2pm). Admission costs £5 per car.

Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 6DH

For further information please visit the National Hedgelaying Society website.


Surrey Hedgerow Festival – Saturday 21 October

Support local artists and businesses with a great day of music, craft and conservation when Surrey Wildlife Trust and West Horsley Place host the UK’s very first hedgerow-themed music and arts festival!

Designed as a celebration of the rich cultural and natural history of these ‘forgotten heroes’ of our landscape, Surrey Hedgerow Festival will feature:

  • Folk, jazz and rock music from local performers
  • Educational talks, guided nature walks and professional storytelling
  • Food and refreshments from a variety of local vendors
  • Art displays
  • Roaming performances from Guildford Shakespeare

For more information please click here.

The Hedgerow Heritage Project

The festival is the pinnacle event of the Surrey Wildlife Trust’s Hedgerow Heritage project, a four-year initiative funded and supported by the Heritage Lottery which seeks to engage a new generation in conservation and to promote and preserve the skills we need to keep our hedgerows healthy.

Seed Gathering Season Begins

Grow the Hedges of the Future

As the nights draw in it’s tempting to hunker inside – but this is the best time of year to explore your local woods or nearest park, and gather the seeds, nuts and fruits that will grow to become the next generation of life-giving trees, shrubs and hedgerows.

The Autumn Equinox is the official start of The Tree Council’s Seed Gathering Season. Over the next month, we’ll be running online masterclasses and sharing practical information around how to identity trees and collect seeds; process and prepare them for growing, and then sow and plant them out.

Seed gathering is fun, free and easy. Wherever you live, whatever your age, you can get involved. You don’t need to be a hedge expert or have any special equipment – just a love of trees and nature and lots of enthusiasm!

Visit The Tree Council website for more information.

The Hedgelife Help Out results are in!

With over 2,100 submissions, CPRE’s Hedgelife Help Out project (in collaboration with The Tree Council) proved to be a huge success. What’s more, a vast majority found it great for wellbeing and felt more connected to nature.

CPRE were delighted with the enthusiasm that so many people showed in their inaugural ‘Hedgelife Help Out’ project during May, as part of the wider Big Help Out initiative.

The project took the form of a straightforward ‘survey’ and asked people to go out and spend time near a hedgerow, reporting back what they saw, the wildlife they found, and how the experience made them feel.

The aim was to create an accessible citizen science project that not only gave insight into the state of hedgerows across the country, but also helped people connect with nature. You can view the top-line results here.