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Hedges in rural areas

Rural hedgerows look good and do good across our farmed landscapes. They provide habitat and corridors for wildlife, shelter livestock and help to regulate water. Our taster video introduces some more of their benefits.

Key resources


Healthy Hedgerows

A free hedgerow health checking survey app offering a simple way to help manage your hedgerows

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Hedgerows, a legacy

Video interview examining what it means to leave a legacy of good hedgerow management

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Sustainable Farming Initiative: Hedgerows Standard

Government guide on the standard for hedgerows, who’s eligible and how much you can get paid

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Looking for something more specific?

The Hedge Hub is the 'go to' place for anyone seeking hedgerow learning and guidance, with over 400 searchable resources. You can also search the Research Database which has another 800+ research papers on hedgerow related topics.

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