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Surveying Small Mammals in Urban Hedges

Mammal Communications 4: 7-15, London


The suitability of hedges and non-hedge linear boundaries for small mammals in urban Stoke-onTrent were assessed in 2015 and 2016 using baited hair tubes and footprint tubes. Small mammals were found in 63% of all study hedges and 10% of non-hedge linear boundaries, with the upper levels of hedges used as frequently as the base. Hawthorn and privet hedges showed significantly more signs of small mammals than beech hedges or non-hedge linear boundaries. Our findings suggest that we should protect and enhance our urban hedgerow resource as a valuable habitat for urban small mammals.

Author(s): Atkins, E, Swetnam, R, Mitchell, P, Dover, J

Journal: Mammal Communications 4: 7-15, London

Year: 2018