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Academic Research
Published: 2005

A mesofilter conservation strategy to complement fine and coarse filters

Conservation Biology

Setting aside entire ecosystems in reserves is an efficient way to maintain biodiversity because large numbers of species are protected, but ecosystem conservation constitutes a…

Academic Research
Published: 1997

A microcosm approach to the detection of the effects of herbicide spray drift in plant communities

Journal of Environmental Management

It is often difficult to measure and predict the impacts of toxic chemicals, such as herbicides, on natural communities. This is especially true under conditions…

Academic Research
Published: 2016

A model of the extent and distribution of woody linear features in rural Great Britain

Ecology and Evolution

Hedges and lines of trees (woody linear features) are important boundaries that connect and enclose habitats, buffer the effects of land management, and enhance biodiversity…

Academic Research
Published: 2012

A multifunctional assessment method for compromise optimisation of linear landscape elements

Ecological Indicators

The importance of linear landscape elements is the topic of a wide-ranging discussion. This paper demonstrates a methods framework for the modelling and visualisation of…

Academic Research
Published: 2017

A national-scale model of linear features improves predictions of farmland biodiversity

Journal of Applied Ecology

1. Modelling species distribution and abundance is important for many conservation applications, but it is typically performed using relatively coarse-scale environmental variables such as the…

Academic Research
Published: 2016

A Natural Histroy of the Hedgerow and ditches, dykes and dry stone walls

It is difficult to think of a more quintessential symbol of the British countryside than the British Hedgerow, bursting with blackberries, hazelnuts and sloes, and…

Academic Research
Published: 2019

A numerical simulation study of particulate collection by vegetative barriers

Biosystems Engineering

Previous research has shown that particulate matter (PM) in the air can be captured by vegetative barriers (VB) serving as shelter against the wind; however,…

Academic Research
Published: 2008

A predictive model of the density of airborne insects in agricultural environments

Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment

This paper presents a model to predict the daily spatio-temporal variation in the abundance of airborne insects in agricultural landscapes on the basis of publicly…

Academic Research
Published: 2021

A regional-scale study of associations between farmland birds and linear woody networks of hedgerows and trees

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Farmland birds have declined throughout Europe over recent decades. Many farmland songbirds are associated with linear woody features on field boundaries, such as hedgerows and…

Academic Research
Published: 2017

A restatement of the natural science evidence concerning catchment-based ‘natural’ flood management in the UK

Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Flooding is a very costly natural hazard in the UK and is expected to increase further under future climate change scenarios. Flood defences are commonly…