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About the Hedge Hub

The Hedge Hub is the ‘go to’ place for anybody seeking hedgerow knowledge and learning, whatever your existing level of hedgeucation! Including over 400 searchable resources, from management guides to training courses, there really is something for everyone.

For all stages and ages
From resources designed for land managers, farmers, gardeners and highways managers to material created with PhD researchers, schoolteachers or school children in mind, you’ll find something useful in the Hedge Hub.

Find out about rural and urban hedgerows, how to plan your planting, the logistics of laying and boosting biodiversity or dip into information about the vital role hedges play in fighting climate change, absorbing pollution, protecting wildlife and enhancing wellbeing.

Structure your search

You can search by topics, your interests and also by formats (eg videos, guidance materials, courses, books etc).

The resources include a range of information materials to increase your knowledge about hedgerows and also content around developing practical skills in hedgerow monitoring and management.

Only a handful of open access academic papers have been included in the Hedge Hub. If you’d like to search for more, head to the Research Database, which includes details for over 800+ academic papers and materials related to hedgerows.

Grow and guide
Help us to build our knowledge base by adding any comments you might have on the resources you use.
If you know of a resource that we should include in Hedge Hub, please send an email to:

Close the Gap
These resources were pulled together in March 2021 by the University of Reading, as part of the Close the Gap project.

Close the Gap focused on achieving bigger, healthier, better-connected hedgerows through planting and ‘gapping up’, gathering and sharing knowledge to improve hedgerow management, improving supplies of future hedgerow trees through local seed nurseries and by engaging the public with our important hedgerow heritage.

It was a partnership between The Tree Council, The University of Reading, Hedgelink, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, Moor Trees and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, and was funded by the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

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