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The Management of Hedgerows Regulations now Law!

Cross-compliance gap plugged

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Hedgelink brings together organisations and individuals with a love of hedgerows. We share knowledge and ideas to encourage and inspire everyone to take action to manage, protect and conserve our hedgerows for the future.

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Hedge Hub

The ‘go to’ place for anybody seeking hedgerow knowledge and learning. Take a look at our short videos discussing the benefits of hedgerows in each area.

Featured Hedge Hub Resources


Hedgerow Learning Guide 2 – Hedges and the law

Hedges and the law outlines what you need to know about the main pieces of law and legislation surrounding hedgerows…

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From: Hedgelink

Complete Good Hedge Management Guide for Farmland Birds

How to manage your hedges for farmland birds

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From: Championing our Farmed Environment

Let’s Talk Managing Hedges for Pollinators

A talk between a farmer and entomologist about managing hedges for pollinators

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