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Image library | Hedges and livestock

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Other livestock

Horses in a well-hedged landscape, Camathenshire, Wales - Rob Wolton

Hedges and fences

Species-rich Devon hedge, with May blossom on two year old growth, protected by stock fence, West Devon

Cattle and sheep

White-face ewes and lambs, Locks Park Farm, 2004, Rob WoltonWhite-face Dartmoor rams by hedge, Locks Park, 2004, Rob WolCattle by hedge, Lydbridge Farm, 2007, Rob WoltonDevon calf by hedge, Locks Park Farm, 2004, Rob WoltonDevon calves, R Lew meadows, 2004, Rob WoltonDevon cattle by hedge 1, Locks Park Farm, 2004, Rob WoltonDevon cattle by hedge 2, Locks Park Farm, 2004, Rob WoltonA Devon cow and her calf shelter near a hedge with flowering blackthorn in April, Locks Park Farm, West DevonDevon cow and newborn calf by hedge, Locks Park, 2007, Rob WDevon cow eating hedge, Locks Park Farm, 2004, Rob WoltonDevon cows and calfand May blossom, R Lew meadows, 2004, Rob

Using the library

You may use the photographs in the hedgelink photo library freely, but please acknowledge hedgelink and the photographer. If no photographer is specified, please email Robert Wolton

Downloading photos

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Further resources

Hedgerow Survey Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to support a major hedgerow survey of the Princethorpe Living Landscape Zone in east Warwickshire in the 2012-2013 period, which was being carried out by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust with funding from SITA Trust. The toolkit is designed to assist hedgerow surveys undertaken anywhere in the UK and images have been carefully selected to show the sorts of hedgerow features and hedgerow plants you are most likely to encounter. It can be used in conjunction with the Defra Hedgerow Survey Handbook Hedgerow Survey Handbook.

View the toolkit on Flickr

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